All About Birth Photography
Birth photography is the recording of a story that is only be told once.  For most parents the birth of their child it is one of the most important and life-changing experiences and birth photography provides parents with breathtakingly, emotional pictures of a first meeting that only lasts a couple of minutes and yet has the power to change them forever.

To have a specialized photographer for what would probably be one of the most important, if not the most important day in their lives.  They only take that first breath once – there are no do-overs.

Birth Photography documents the birth of your baby, capturing the events and emotions as they happen

Capture all the key moments, in a beautiful composed manner

   Freeing the partner or husband from ‘camera duty’ allows them to be more supportive and connect with the birth of their child and focus on you.

   I Photograph the birth in a manner that tells the whole story from labour, or before going into theatre, in theatre, the first hello, and baby’s first moments in his or her new environment. I document everything possible(within your limits)

I photograph and capture moments that you might miss, like your partner’s expression, or grand-mother-to-be sitting anxiously in the waiting room, a brother or sister's meeting for the first time

    Birth photography allows you to see your child’s birth from a different, wider perspective and parents often discover breathtaking details which they miss at a time when they are inwardly focused.

    Birth photography allows you to one day tell your children about their birth.

    Birth photography allows loved ones ‘to be there’ or ‘included’ – even if they are not.
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